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Your Healthcare Team

Your Doctor & Asthma Educator | Ask the ASC Expert

Visiting Your Family Doctor
A visit to your family doctor is an opportunity, not just to get a medical check-up, but also to create or adjust your asthma management program.

During an appointment, tell your doctor about your:

  • Recent asthma symptoms, and note whether they've changed since your last visit
  • Peak flow meter readings to monitor your lung function
  • Medications, and discuss whether they need to be changed or whether their dosages need to be adjusted

Also, ask your doctor to review your inhaler technique and discuss with your doctor whether you should see a specialist.

Visiting an Asthma Educator
A certified asthma educator (CAE) is not just an expert in asthma. He or she has training in teaching methods. That means a CAE has learned the best ways to explain different aspects of asthma treatment and management and can assist you in using these skills in your daily life.

A CAE can help you learn:

  • Whether your inhaler medication technique is correct. Additionally, he or she can assess which device is best for you
  • How to create an asthma action plan
  • How to reduce exposure to your asthma triggers

Preparing for Your Appointments
You can get the most out of your time with your doctor or CAE by planning carefully before you go.

Things you can do to prepare for your appointments include bringing:

  • A list of your most recent symptoms, including notes about whether they've changed since your last visit
  • A record of your recent peak flow meter readings or symptom diary records
  • Your action plan sheet so that you and your doctor can develop a plan. If you already have one, then bring it in case it needs to be modified
  • Your inhaler(s) to review your technique
  • A list of any questions you have

Another way to prepare for your visits is to complete, print out and bring along our simple quiz, How Do You Feel Today?

Other Voices

Connect with other Canadians with asthma. Read real-life stories and tips, and submit your own ideas and strategies for living with asthma.

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