On behalf of the Asthma Society of Canada, I would like to thank all who attended, supported and contributed to the 2014 For Life and Breath: Asthma, Allergy and Environment Summit. This was our first significant national gathering and, from all accounts, was a great success.

Your support enabled us to bring together policy-makers, academics, healthcare practitioners, industry representatives and patients to discuss the future of better breathing in Canada. The event hosted open conversation between industry experts on allergies and asthma, air quality and health, innovation in asthma and allergy treatments, and creating allergy and asthma friendly homes, schools and workplaces. All these sessions were informative and gave our attendees an educational outlook on how we can all work together towards a better breathing future.

The Asthma Society of Canada is now looking forward to continuing the process of developing an action plan, linking air quality and respiratory health which will have a positive impact on the millions of Canadians living with asthma and respiratory allergies. As we progress, we will engage all stakeholders who care about the impact the environment has on human health.

Work has already begun on how we hope to improve for next year. Please stay tuned as we will be announcing details for the 2015 event in the near future.


Yours Sincerely,

Robert Oliphant

President & CEO