Andreas Zapletal
Lives with Asthma

“I used to be almost 300lbs. My diet was horrible and exercise was a bad word. I also didn’t take care of my asthma. I didn’t use my Symbicort as prescribed and I would end up in the hospital a few times every year with asthma I couldn’t control.  This would leave me on prednisone which was never a pleasant experience.

Over the last three years I have lost over 100lbs, started going to the gym and running. I also went vegan. In the last year I have run my first marathon and my first ultra-marathon (50km). My asthma is now under control with regular use of my Symbicort and the incidence of needing a rescue inhaler is limited to 1-2 times per month, if that. All of these lifestyle changes have helped get me to this point.”