Your support will help families with asthma stay healthy

Esty’s youngest son Miles lives with Severe Asthma, which affects not only him, but their entire family. 

Esty says, “As a parent of a child with Severe Asthma, it means not just being a mom but also a pharmacist, a nurse, a lab tech, a cheerleader, a teacher for when he misses more school than he attends, and a great actor to hide your fear while watching your child turn blue. The need to care for Miles even meant that I had to leave my job. It’s heartbreaking to watch your child struggle for breath, to have to worry every time the school calls during the day, and to always be ready for one of the bad days.”

Now that Miles is in high school and has a great support network, his asthma is more controlled and he tries not to let asthma prevent him from doing the things he loves, like snowboarding. Even though Miles lives with Severe Asthma, he does his best to stay active and proves that with support, everyone with asthma can live an active lifestyle.

By making a donation this holiday, you’re helping change the lives of countless families just like Esty’s that are living with Severe Asthma.

This holiday, we are focused on showing what exactly Canadians with asthma can do, and how the support of our community empowers us to change the lives of all Canadians affected by this chronic disease. 

When you make a donation, you’re giving the gift of hope that life with asthma can be symptom-free, that everyone with asthma can avoid hospitalizations, and that all those affected by asthma can access support so that no one has to face this disease alone. 

In 2018, Rudhro Prince tragically passed away at the age of eight from a sudden asthma attack. Now, his family is working with Asthma Canada to help create a future without asthma. 

Danay Maestre-Batlle is one of Asthma Canada’s Graduate Student Research Award Recipients. Her innovative work is helping expand our knowledge of asthma.