Esty Cohen Kirshenbaum
Caregiver for Son who lives with Severe Asthma

“As a parent of a (now) adolescent with persistent severe asthma there is a list of things it means to me. It means sleepless nights sitting bedside counting breaths. It means learning and understanding medical jargon usually only heard on tv drama shows. It means monitoring daily (hourly) levels and knowing when to call it quits with home action plans and make the trek to the emergency. It means worrying every time the school calls during the day. It means being not just a mom but also a pharmacist, a nurse, a lab tech, a cheerleader, a teacher for when he misses more school than he attends and a great actor in order to hide your fear while watching your child turn blue. It means strength and power and it means enjoying every “good” day because a bad one is just around the corner.”