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The knowledge that parents and school staff have of asthma can vary greatly among communities. Hosting an Asthma Awareness Event at a local school is a great way to provide information to parents and school staff and to address many issues around asthma management. It can also create an excellent forum for alleviating the concern that parents or teachers may have around appropriate asthma management in the school setting.

Asthma Canada encourages healthcare professionals (such as Certified Respiratory Educators and school nurses) to work together to conduct Asthma Awareness Events, as the partnerships that develop could evolve into a network of care and support for families of children with asthma.

Contact Asthma Canada for free resource material if you are planning an Asthma Awareness Event. We can provide: free Breathe Easy Booklets, sample Asthma Action Plans, asthma educational posters, referrals to qualified guest speakers, presentation overheads and speaker’s notes.

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