Tracey Beaudry, ON
Caregiver for Son who lives with Asthma

“I am a parent of a now 9 year old sever asthmatic. A short time after I returned to work from my maternity leave is when our lives changed forever.

My son had been in the hospital a few times with what they classified as asthma over the course of his life from beginning. He was approximately 18 months old when I went to pick him up at day care after work. I arrived at the daycare to find my son lying in his crib unresponsive and blue. The daycare staff just thought that he was extra tired and sick. I met with an asthma specialist who told me that our lives were going to involve hospital visits every few weeks because of asthma issues in his environment or I could leave work and control his environment until he was strong enough to do it himself.

I took a leave of absence from work in order to figure out a route. The decision was made that I was going to leave my career that I spent 14 years building, ironically, in clinical research to ensure that our son was as safe as possible. I have still not returned back to work approximately 8 years later.

When my son started school the issues became obvious that his environment triggered a great deal of his asthma issues meaning he missed a lot of school. Year one he missed 67 days of school because of asthma.

Being the care giver of an asthmatic child is not an easy task. It almost seems like a balancing act most times.”