Asthma Canada’s 4th Annual Conference for Healthcare Professionals, Patients, Caregivers, Stakeholders and Industry.
Saturday October 21st, 2017
Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre (525 Bay Street, Toronto)

Asthma, the third-most common chronic disease in Canada, affects nearly 3 million Canadians. Of those, nearly 600,000 are children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood. Because of its prevalence, asthma affects all Canadians and can lead to reduced social, financial and health outcomes for people with the disease.

Recent studies have shown that asthma is generally not well-understood and often incorrectly diagnosed. Proper diagnosis and access to suitable testing varies across Canada. An understanding of asthma at the healthcare professional and patient level is vital for ensuring better health outcomes. Breathe Easy™ will profile discussions on how proper understanding of the disease affects diagnosis, self-management and treatment, in children and adults.

On October 21st, 2017, Asthma Canada will bring together researchers, clinicians, patients, caregivers and other stakeholders who work in the area of respiratory health to examine the complex health, social and economic issues related to asthma and reflect on the patient experience in Canada.

The patient experience of asthma is diverse. From pediatrics to adult-onset diagnosis, treatment and management needs to be targeted to be effective. Asthma Canada’s one-day summit will focus on patient-physician dialogue and patient and caregiver perspectives in disease management, and exacerbation prevention, including environmental considerations. It will also highlight the latest research and new treatment options available in Canada.

Full agenda to be released shortly.


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