Patient Choice Cards

If you are a patient currently taking Singulair, then you are eligible for the Merck MyChoice™ Card.  This card, when presented at the pharmacy with your prescription, supports your choice to continue on your brand name medication, at the same price as you would pay for the generic.

Sign-up for your card here: https://www.rxhelp.ca/MerckMyChoice


Here’s how the Merck MyChoice™ Program works:

  1. Present a valid new prescription, or an existing refill prescriptions, for Singulair or Nasonex to your retail pharmacy.
  2. Ask for the brand name (no substitutions) and provide the pharmacist with your Merck MyChoice™ card.
  3. When you present the Merck MyChoice™ card along with your prescription, Merck’s program will pay up to the difference between the amount you would otherwise have to pay at your pharmacy for the brand name medication, and the amount you would pay for the generic. (Note – this does not cover the pharmacist dispensing fees)
  4. Retain your Merck MyChoice™ card as you can continue to use it as long as your physician continues your prescription.

Learn more about the Merck MyChoice™ program, and download your card, by visiting https://www.rxhelp.ca/MerckMyChoice or calling 1-866-794-3574.