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What is ACMA?

The Asthma Canada Member Alliance (ACMA) is a growing, grassroots community of Canadians that have asthma or are affected by asthma. ACMA is the patient voice of Asthma Canada and empowers our community to take an active role in our initiatives.

By joining ACMA, you become part of a nationwide network of Canadians who understand asthma and want to make a difference. As an ACMA member, you play a vital role in helping us to improve the lives of the more than 3.8 million Canadians living with asthma.

Why Join ACMA?

Becoming an ACMA member has many benefits including:

  • Access to our bi-weekly e-newsletters. Each issue is packed with the latest asthma news, developments in research and treatment and Asthma Canada updates.
  • Entry to the Members Only section of our website, which includes a personalized Asthma Action Plan, Asthma Diary and access to our online member community forum.
  • The freedom to choose your own level of involvement with Asthma Canada’s efforts, such as participating in community events, fundraising and advocacy.
  • Belonging to a passionate community of individuals who understand asthma, allowing you to share knowledge and feel a sense of connection with other Canadians living with asthma.

ACMA membership is another way for you to stay involved with Asthma Canada. We will keep you up to date on all the latest asthma research and events.

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How Membership Helps: 

As an ACMA member, there are many ways that you help us achieve our goals across Canada including by:

  • Increasing public awareness of asthma and promoting proper asthma education.
  • Supporting our advocacy & research efforts and volunteering.
  • Acting as a voice for asthma patients and sharing your insights with us.

Together we can improve the lives of all Canadians with asthma. Your participation as an ACMA member takes us one step closer to making our vision of a future without asthma a reality.

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