These are stories from Canadians living with asthma, telling us how asthma impacts their quality of life, the importance of clean air, and the importance of access to medications.

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Asthma and the Impact on Quality of Life

Claire McCutcheon, BC

“My daughter was diagnosed with asthma and now, at 16 years-old, we are hard-pressed to find any part of her life that is not negatively impacted by her asthma.”

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Susan Suess, ON  

“Our Son is five years-old and it has been difficult with hospital stays, multiple operations, doctor’s appointments, and running back to the pharmacy for his prescriptions.”

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Chantal Firth, NB 

“I spent my entire life dependent on knowing where my inhaler was at all times. If I went for a run I would need to use it before and during exercise.”

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Esty Kirshenbaum, ON 

“As a parent of a (now) adolescent with persistent severe asthma there is a list of things it means to me. It means sleepless nights sitting bedside counting breaths…”

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Reg Abbey, ON 

“I am a 55 year old Male who has had Asthma since childhood. I suffered as a child from Bronchitis and placed into Oxygen tents. I have in the past been hospitalized.”

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Brenda Burgess, MB

“Asthma has impacted my life in many ways. I have felt social isolation as I have no control over my environment in public places where scents can trigger an attack.”

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Rachel Hasebe, BC

“Two years ago we nearly lost, our then, 10 year old son to asthma. He has suffered from asthma since he was a baby whenever he would have a cold.”

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Ambrielle-Lyn, ON

“When the doctor told me that Asthma is a life-long condition, I could not mentally process the fact that I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life.”

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Andreas Zapletal, ON

“My diet was horrible and exercise was a bad word. I also didn’t take care of my asthma. Over the last three years I started going to the gym and running.”

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The Importance of Clean Air

Tracey Beaudry, ON

“I am a parent of a now 9 year-old severe asthmatic. A short time after I returned to work from my maternity leave is when our lives changed forever”

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Leigh Morton, ON

“When I asked about the source of this dirty substance, I was told it was simply dust. Well, the dust gave me asthma at the ripe old age of 58 in 2005.”

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Tristan Joseph, ON

“I had to move seats on the train when seated near someone who smokes. I’ve lived in a few cities in Canada and this is a consistent issue.”

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Flo Smith, AB

“When the weather is really cold out here in Calgary or there is a strong wind outside, I may have trouble breathing if I am not careful and have to use my inhaler.”

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Bill Swan, NS

“My asthma was severe enough that I slept in a mist tent every night, I came very close to needing home oxygen. I was rushed to the ER numerous times.”

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The Importance of Access to Medication

Michelle Mijatovic, ON

“I am using three puffers. I have had to pay for private healthcare insurance which has a $1,000 limit. I find it difficult to keep up with these expenses.”

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Louise de Lugt, BC

“The cost for one of my drugs is approximately $2,400 per 4 week injection, what will happen when it is no longer covered? My monthly income cannot afford it.”

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Penny Grant, BC

“I worry even more about friends I’ve met through Asthma Canada who do not have access to the drugs they need. Why? Because they can’t get insurance.”

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Kerri McKay, MB

“I have been uninsured since graduating university in 2014 and have lost coverage through my dad’s group plan he had from his employer.”

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Mike Grant, BC

“Our son and two grandsons also have asthma. One day their mild to moderate asthma may become severe and they may need similar costly drugs.”

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Asthma Canada Member Alliance Stories 

Andrea Oliver

“ACMA was a revelation to me. Back home I was one of only dozen people who have the same severity.  Here I found others who ‘get it’.”

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Kerri MacKay

“I have become empowered by changing how I think about my disease. I have a choice to own my asthma, and to share my story to help empower others!”

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Matthew Feldman

“Through the years I have tried to find more ways to be involved in asthma education and encouraging young people to face their condition head-on.”

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Stacey McNeilly

“Asthma shouldn’t stop anyone from doing what they love. My goal is to continue to live as healthy and active as I can, and to share my asthma experience with others.”

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Vibhas Bapat

“I still have asthma, but I feel much better now that I’m more fit, and I’ve noticed my reliever inhalers last a lot longer because I don’t need to use them as much.”

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