Rachel Hasebe, BC
Caregiver for Son who lives with Asthma

“Two years ago we nearly lost, our then, 10 year old son to asthma. He has suffered from asthma since he was a baby whenever he would have a cold. Hospital visits were common, and like any other time he’d have asthma severe enough that his ventolin was not helping, we would go to our local Children’s Hospital. On this occasion, he collapsed when he was waiting at the emergency triage and went into cardiac arrest. It took doctors and nurses 15 mins to get his heart started again. He wouldn’t be here today if he was anywhere else. Unfortunately due to the lack of oxygen to his brain while in cardiac arrest, he suffered a permanent brain injury. He lost his vision, his ability to walk, talk or eat. It was a tough time, but happy to say he has made a pretty remarkable recovery. He regained his vision after 6 months and looks and acts like you wouldn’t have even know he had a brain injury. He’s our Miracle and we are so proud of him.”