Brenda Burgess, MB
Lives with Asthma

“Asthma has impacted my life in many ways. I have felt social isolation as I have no control over my environment in public places where smoke or scents can trigger an attack. I have a high absenteeism due to triggers at the workplace and my immune system is so compromised that I tend to pick up all and virus going around the work place. My emotional and mental health has taken a blow from colleagues comments or strangers who move away or outright say you should stay home with that cough and wheeze not pass your germs on.

My doctors have experimented with different drugs including the one of the new biogenetic we still haven’t gotten the right combination. It is so unpredictable and misunderstood disease. Not enough of society is educated on how this disease affects those with it or the different severity of asthma. I’ve even educated a few health professionals. I’m thankful for Asthma Canada.”