Reg Abbey
Lives with Asthma

“I am a 55 year old Male who has had Asthma since childhood. I suffered as a child from Bronchitis and placed into Oxygen tents. I was in a program at Scarborough General to learn how to control my breathing by being shown a specific exercise to help control my lungs when I get tight.

I have in the past been hospitalized with fluid on my lungs.

I did at a younger age smoke tobacco which was not the smartest thing for someone with asthma.

I have thankfully not smoked in many years now. Unfortunately, I get colds/sick easily due to a low immune system and always get a lung infection. This past year, I did get the flu which caused me to get bronchitis and aggravated my asthma greatly. I lost almost 2 weeks of work due to it. I do have a Respirologist and he has me on a steroidal inhaler to help my lungs perform better. I suffer from very mild to acute Asthma frequently.

My advice to those with asthma, stay away from ANY form of smoking etc. and those who do smoke. your lungs will thank you when you get older. Exercise to increase your lung capacity, get a good medical doctor and specialist. Keep your living environment as dust free as possible. Be aware that extreme cold air and high humidity can be difficult. Get as much information to become better informed about Asthma. Importantly, Triggers, be aware of what will trigger your asthma be able to deal with them as best you can.”