Mike Grant, BC
Caregiver for Wife who has asthma

“After about five years of rewarding retirement, my wife became very sick. She coughed all day and at night her breathing sounded as if she was drowning. Our plans for travel, volunteering and lifetime learning ground to halt. Everything revolved around her numerous medical appointments. Eventually she was referred to specialists in Vancouver – a 2 hour ferry trip away. She was diagnosed with Severe Asthma, allergic fungal sinusitis and eustachian tube dysfunction and was prescribed what amounted to $20,000 worth of asthma drugs per year. She now seems much more like her old self. We are lucky that we have excellent pensions and good health insurance. However, I am concerned about the future. Our son and two grandsons also have asthma. One day their mild to moderate asthma may become severe and they may need similar costly drugs. If the government of Canada does not deal with the lack of universal pharmacare soon, I hate to think what the future will bring for them”.