Asthma Canada works to support advocacy and public policy change which help protect the health, safety and well-being of those with asthma and allergies. We advocate to federal, provincial and municipal governments on a range of health and environmental issues important for people with asthma and respiratory allergies.

Asthma Canada has established advocacy priorities. We are actively working on campaigns surrounding issues on Access to Medications and Treatment, Clean Air, and Protecting Children with Asthma in Schools.

Learn about our current and past advocacy campaigns below.

Ryan’s Law (Ontario)

Working with advocacy partners, MPP Jeff Yurek and Sandra Gibbons, Asthma Canada advocated for the passage of Ryan’s Law in Ontario. This bill, named after Sandra’s son Ryan, who died in 2012 from an asthma attack in school, establishes new policies to ensure children with asthma can attend school safely. The law allows students to carry their asthma medication themselves, regulates asthma training for school staff, requires schools to reduce student’s exposure to asthma triggers and ensure the school has on file an Asthma Action Plan for each child with asthma.

Pets on Planes (Canadian Transportation Agency)

Asthma Canada was an official Intervenor with the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) when they heard a complaint about airline policy to allow pets (particularly cats) on-board aircraft in the cabin. Following our submission, the CTA ruled that airlines had an obligation to provide accommodation to passengers with a severe allergy to cats, which was in line with the Asthma Canada’s position.

Elimination of Coal Fired Power Generation

Asthma Canada, along with coalition partners in both Ontario and Alberta, was actively involved in advocacy campaigns to push for the elimination of coal fired electricity generation. These successful campaigns resulted in the closure of the last coal fired power plant in Ontario in 2014 and the announcement of a phase-out of coal power in Alberta by 2030. Asthma Canada is actively working on advocacy campaigns to close the remaining coal plants in Canada located in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia while also asking the Federal government to continue measures which improve air quality through investment in clean, sustainable energy sources and green technologies.

Patient Evidence Submissions

Asthma Canada regularly submits patient evidence submissions to CADTH for new medications seeking approval for treatment of asthma and respiratory allergies. Submissions include the collection of confidential responses from our patient community and seek to support innovative new treatment options to improve the quality of life for those with these diseases.

Access to Medications and Treatments

Asthma Canada is actively working with coalition partners on campaigns to push for improved access to medications, including the need for a national pharmacare plan. We are working to ensure that all people living in Canada have equitable and timely access to necessary prescription medications based on the best possible health outcomes, rather than the ability to pay.