At Asthma Canada, we feel it is imperative that Canadians living with asthma have access to multiple treatments to manage their disease, and also the ability to choose which medications work best for them. To improve drug access for all Canadians living with asthma, we routinely submit input from the asthma community to Health Canada’s drug review body, CADTH.

Asthma Canada helps Canadians living with asthma advocate for equitable and timely access to prescription medications. When a drug is up for review in Canada, the federal government allows patient organizations such as Asthma Canada to make submissions on behalf of a group of patients.

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) regularly conducts evaluations to understand the impact that diseases such as asthma and their treatments have on the quality of life of patients and their caregivers. Asthma Canada routinely submits accounts from the asthma community and our Asthma Canada Member Alliance to CADTH and other review processes. With input from our community, we are able to clearly articulate to CADTH that Canadians living with asthma need more treatment choices – as not everyone is able to find medication that works for them yet.

Our submissions bring the lived experiences of asthma to the forefront of the drug review process. We convey the reality of nearly 4 million Canadians living with asthma to CADTH: how living with asthma impacts day-to-day lives and whether current medications are working. Our goal is to help decision makers understand the weight of a chronic disease like asthma and the importance of improved access to prescription medications.

Asthma Canada does not endorse any specific medications and treatments through the filing of Patient Evidence Submissions. Asthma Canada participates in the patient input opportunities to ensure that the Canadian asthma community has equitable access to medications that have received Notice of Compliance from Health Canada. Asthma Canada believes that choice of treatment should be decided between patient and prescriber based on best health outcomes.

Current Patient Evidence Submission Survey

The following survey has been created to collect information from people living with asthma and their caregivers. The questions have been designed to determine how asthma affects your day-to-day life. Information received will be submitted to CADTH to inform their consideration of a new triple-therapy medication, currently unnamed, (QVM-149) [Indacaterol (LABA)/Mometasone (ICS)/Glycopyrronium (LAMA)] for moderate and Severe Asthma, delivered through a new Dry Powdered Inhaler (DPI) delivery device, Breezehaler®.

This is an important way for your voice to be heard by the Government of Canada to help influence key decisions that will affect the asthma community.

In order to add your voice to this process, please complete this survey by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

Further, to help improve the patient submission, please share the link to this survey with anyone you know who is living with asthma.

Some of our past Patient Evidence Submissions include:




*A number of our recent submissions are still under review, and are not included in this list.