One of Asthma Canada’s key missions is to help Canadians with asthma and respiratory allergies lead healthy lives through education. We connect Canadians with asthma/allergies and their caregivers to resources and sources of support. Our resources are evidence-based and created with input from our community members, and verified by clinical experts.


Asthma Canada offers a wealth of easy-to-access information to help Canadians living with asthma and caregivers get help with asthma management, diagnosis, triggers, medications and treatment.

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Asthma Canada provides up-to-date information about asthma, as well as enhanced support for managing respiratory allergies. Our resources can help you identify allergy triggers and take control of your symptoms.

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Resources & Support

Asthma Canada never wants you to deal with asthma all by yourself. We offer free support services for newly diagnosed people and caregivers such as webinars and our Asthma and Allergy HelpLine

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If you have any questions about asthma and respiratory allergies, our team of expert Certified Respiratory Educators (CREs) can provide you with personalized support. Call our Asthma & Allergy HelpLine at 1-866-787-4050 or email to connect with a CRE.