The Asthma Canada Member Alliance (ACMA) is a group of Canadians who have asthma, or have someone in their life affected by asthma. As an ACMA member, you help contribute to Asthma Canada’s goals across Canada, including: 

  • Promote public awareness of asthma and proper education and management for all Canadians with asthma and respiratory allergies.
  • Engage in crucial advocacy initiatives to improve public policy change which help protect the health, safety and well-being of those with asthma and allergies.
  • Encourage and support research with the collective goals of being able to better treat and manage asthma and to eventually eradicating the disease.

By becoming an ACMA member (which is free!) you are connected to asthma research and current events from across the country at all times.

Benefits of joining ACMA includes: 

  • Access to the ACMA-only section of Asthma Canada’s website which includes a private online discussion board to share experiences with people who also have asthma and respiratory allergies. 
  • Asthma Canada’s quarterly e-newsletters with regular asthma news and Asthma Canada updates. Each issue is packed with the latest information and developments in asthma research and treatments. 
  • A growing advocacy group to help ensure that Canadians with asthma have a voice and participate in advocacy initiatives. 
  • Ongoing support through the services provided by Asthma Canada. 
  • Choosing your own level of involvement and ways to engage with Asthma Canada including participating in community events, fundraising, advocacy, research and education. 
  • Comradery, knowledge exchange, and a feeling of purpose as you connect with other Canadians with asthma and respiratory allergies!

Register here to join ACMA!