Asthma Ambassadors are a volunteer team of Canadians who have committed to providing peer-to-peer support about asthma for friends, family, co-workers, and others. Through support and resources from Asthma Canada, Asthma Ambassadors are able to empower people living with asthma to talk about their challenges, explain triggers and share information. Ambassadors are also able to talk to others living with asthma who may otherwise feel isolated in their challenges. Ambassadors do not disseminate medical information, but rather talk about their experiences, share the resources and material provided to them from Asthma Canada, and provide the catalyst for others to recognize if their own asthma is under control or not, and where to find support.

What is the role of Asthma Ambassadors?

  • Advocate on behalf of people with asthma and respiratory allergies and their caregivers
  • Empower people with asthma and health care professionals to strive for better asthma management in Canada
  • Support people with asthma and caregivers across Canada by building an online asthma community.

Who are Asthma Ambassadors?

Asthma Ambassadors are volunteer members of ACMA – a FREE grassroots patient organization for Canadians affected by asthma – who have committed to providing asthma information to people they encounter in their everyday lives. Asthma Ambassadors are provided with training and asthma information, but are not trained to dispense medical advice. Asthma Ambassadors are equipped with information about asthma management should anyone within their regular social circle should require it.

Why have Asthma Ambassadors?

Many people are unlikely to search for information regarding uncontrolled asthma unless it is provided by a direct contact. Asthma Ambassadors have received extra training and information to help them provide asthma information to their friends and their communities.

What is the process of becoming an Asthma Ambassador?

There is a simple three-step process to becoming an Asthma Ambassador.

  1. Join ACMA.
  2. Complete our e-learning module, Taking Control of Your Asthma.
  3. Get endorsed. Call (1-866-787-4050) or email us ( to receive your Asthma Ambassadors Education Kit.

You are now an Asthma Ambassador!

How much time do I need to become an Asthma Ambassador?

Most of the activities surrounding Asthma Ambassadors will take place as part of your normal routine. When asthma topics come up in normal conversation, you will be able to relay the knowledge and information you have been given. You may distribute information packages at community-based locations that you already visit – your local pharmacy, your gym, a public swimming pool or ice rink, the waiting room of your doctor and dentist, or even an information desk at the place you work. Some Asthma Ambassadors may choose to set up a booth at community events such as a sports tournament or school information night, but setting up an event is not required as part of the Asthma Ambassadors program. For those who are interested, we also get media requests from news, TV, radio and online looking for stories from people living with asthma.

Join the more than 200 Asthma Ambassadors across Canada! Are you ready to get started? Start by becoming a member of ACMA!