Dealing with asthma and allergies can be difficult, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Whatever your inquiries are about asthma and respiratory allergies, our team of Certified Respiratory Educators (CREs) can provide you with expert support and advice. Call 1-866-787-4050 or email info@asthma.ca to be connected with a CRE. 

Who can call the HelpLine?

Our Asthma & Allergy HelpLine is a FREE call-back or email service available to all Canadians. Whether you have asthma and other respiratory allergies or are a caregiver, our team of expert CREs can support you.

How can the Asthma & Allergy HelpLine help me?

Our friendly CREs are located all across Canada and are experts in the field of asthma and allergy education. They can provide up-to-date information, education and advice in both English and French about:

Don’t hesitate to ask your most pressing questions about asthma and allergies. Our CREs are here to help you with proper care and management so that you can live your life symptom-free.

Have questions about COVID-19? Read about Asthma and COVID-19 on our webpage.

Please note that our HelpLine is currently experiencing a high volume of inquiries. We are working diligently to respond to everyone and we appreciate your patience. If you require immediate medical assistance, please dial 911.

Questions? Email the Asthma & Allergy HelpLine

Asthma Resources

Asthma Canada has many resources that can help you manage your asthma and stay healthy. Visit the resources section of our website to download yours today!