How does your support make a difference?

As a charity we rely on donations from people like you.  Your support immediately helps us:

  • Accomplish our vision to empower every child and adult in Canada with asthma to live an active and symptom-free life.
  • Be the balanced voice for asthma in Canada, advancing optimal self-management, prevention, research and health care.
  • Help patients to take control of their symptoms by providing credible and leading edge information and the guidance and education they need to live their lives symptom free.
  • Lead and advocate for the best interests of Canadians with asthma through effective collaboration with policy-makers, researchers and health care providers.

People calling or emailing our HelpLine have communicated the following:

  • “I’ve learned more about asthma from you in the last 20 minutes than I have in the past 20 years.”
  • “I want to thank you for taking the time to discuss asthma with me last week. I am eagerly looking forward to the materials you are forwarding as discussed.”
  • “Since last week, I have made some significant changes to improve our indoor air quality…for the first time in weeks; I am feeling much better and have my energy back. Thank you.”
  • “Your information was very helpful. I hope your service is available for many years to come. I will certainly visit the Web site for additional information.”

Donations to Asthma Canada provide the annual funding required to carry out a broad base of programs and services and to fund research into the treatment, prevention and ultimate cure for asthma.