You can make a difference in the lives of Canadians living with Severe Asthma!

Thelma and her sons, Reece and Riley, all live with Severe Asthma. Reece and Riley were diagnosed with Severe Asthma as infants. Since their diagnosis, Riley has had over 40 emergency room visits and over 20 hospitalizations. Reece has had a number of emergency room visits and three hospitalizations.

The process of finding the right treatment for Reece and Riley took around 10 years – and it wasn’t until they were put on a biologic therapy that their asthma became well controlled. 

Thelma has been constantly concerned for both Reece and Riley’s health—all while managing her own. As a mother, Thelma lives with the fear of losing someone you love to asthma. 

By giving a gift this holiday season, you are giving hope to those struggling with asthma. Your gift will help keep people living with asthma out of emergency rooms, and give hope for a symptom-free life.