The Asthma Society of Canada (ASC) was founded in 1973 to fill the need for an organization that would raise funds solely for the purpose of relieving those suffering from asthma in Canada.

Two asthma community members together with leading Canadian physicians in the field of asthma realized the need for such an organization, meeting on May 30, 1973 to discuss forming a new Canadian organization to help those with asthma.

A founding meeting was called for November 12, 1973. Following that meeting, working committees were established and the task of turning an idea into reality was set in motion.

Early in 1974, the ASC was notified by the federal government that the charter was accepted and in effect as of December 28, 1973. Judy Godfrey was the founding President. A Professional Advisory Committee was established by Dr. Cecil Collins-Williams of the Toronto General Hospital, Dr. Irvin Broder of the Gage Research Institute, and Dr. Harold Williams of the Crippled Children’s Centre. A short time later, the ASC obtained its non-profit charitable status from Revenue Canada.

The inaugural reception of the ASC was held on July 13, 1974 and the attendance and enthusiasm were encouraging. This was followed by several high-profile fundraising events over the next few years. The focus continued to be on education.

Since the founding of the Asthma Society of Canada in 1973, the organization has undergone significant developments. In 2017, the Asthma Society of Canada formally changed its name to Asthma Canada to better reflect its current priorities and future direction. The name change signifies an organizational move away from a narrow focus on those living with asthma to a more inclusive focus on all Canadians impacted by asthma.

While Asthma Canada continues its strong mandate to provide asthma education to all Canadians, the organization has broadened its scope to include support services, research and advocacy.