We’re thrilled to announce a collaboration between Asthma Canada and Fellowes Canada, a global leader in WorkLife solutions. To prioritize community health and well-being, Fellowes Canada has generously donated 500 air purifiers equipped with True HEPA filtration to Asthma Canada. The timing of this donation couldn’t be better, as we’re distributing these air purifiers through peak asthma season, typically occurring in the third week of September.

This partnership addresses multiple health concerns, particularly in the realm of indoor air quality. Recent surveys have highlighted significant concerns among workers regarding asthma, allergies, headaches, and even COVID-19 risks due to poor indoor air quality. Asthma Canada is committed to making clean air a right for everyone, and these air purifiers will play a vital role in achieving that vision. The True HEPA filtration technology incorporated in these air purifiers can effectively eliminate 99.95% of viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and VOC particles as small as 0.1 microns, significantly enhancing indoor air quality.

These air purifiers are not only essential for mitigating the effects of wildfires but also offer relief during allergy and asthma seasons. By reducing allergens and irritants in the air, we aim to provide a safer and healthier environment for those affected. Furthermore, our dedication to inclusivity and support ensures equitable distribution, reaching those who face barriers in accessing clean air.

This partnership helps further our dedication to improving community health and well-being, and we are grateful to have Fellowes help us deliver on these commitments!

Apply to be a recipient of one of 500 air purifiers here!

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