Severe Asthma is a life-threatening condition that can affect your entire life by forcing you to make unwanted changes to your daily activities. If you have Severe Asthma, you will experience a frequent and severe worsening of asthma symptoms despite taking multiple high-dose inhalers. These attacks or flare-ups often occur more than once per year and require steroid tablets or use of emergency services or hospitalization.

If you think you might have Severe Asthma, you should see your doctor. They may refer you to a specialist. A specialist may run some tests to see if you have Severe Asthma. If you have Severe Asthma, your doctor or specialist may be able to help you reduce your symptoms and improve your life.

This asthma awareness month, we are launching these 6 guiding principles set out to define what people with Severe Asthma should expect for the management of their disease and what should constitute a basic standard of care, in line with the latest science and best practice understanding from existing severe asthma care services.

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