Messages of Hope

This GivingTuesday, we asked our community to stand together and share messages of hope with Canadians affected by asthma. Below, you can see that our community didn’t disappoint!

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I know that living with asthma can sometimes be a struggle. It’s easy to feel hopeless at times or to feel like constant symptoms are just part of life, but remember that things can always improve. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and self-advocate.

-Danielle D., Ontario

You are not alone! At the Asthma and Allergy HelpLine, Certified Respiratory Educators are ready to answer your questions and provide support with professionalism and evidence-based information. Reach out! info@asthma.ca

-Susan H., RRT, CRE, CTE, Newfoundland & Labrador

At least you’re not floating endlessly through space, having lost your tether to the station, with no hope of returning back to earth.

-Varya, Ontario

Thank you very much for all that you have done to help keep us all safe. As a person who has Asthma it means the world to me. From my bubble to yours I wish you a safe and healthy holiday season!

-Hayley, British Columbia

We are all in this together! Let’s all stay safe and healthy this holiday season.

-Megan, Ontario

Buckle up and breathe easy!

-Zach, Ontario

Just want to thank everyone for doing their part during the pandemic. I know it’s not easy to skip holiday meals or wear a mask or stay inside. But as a person with asthma and other health issues I really am thankful to everyone that is doing their part to help keep everyone safe. I am looking forward to reading more messages from the community. God Bless.

-Wren, Alberta

Always remember you’re not alone. Whether you need us Respiratory Therapists virtually or in person we will be there amidst this season of uncertainty. If you do experience symptoms don’t wait until you’re struggling to get the help you need. It ain’t easy being wheezy.

-Jennifer G., RRT, Ontatio

When I first got diagnosed with asthma later in life I was really down on myself and couldn’t exercise. But I’ve been doing ok this year. I’m grateful for that. Hope everyone has a nice Christmas.

-John, Alberta

Don’t forget that some people with asthma are really sensitive to scents – keep that in mind when you’re choosing gifts!

-Okada, British Columbia

Many don’t recognize that being able to sit and take a breath is a gift in itself. Each day we struggle is another day we can say we survived. May the season bring hope that things will get better and thank you Asthma Canada for working to end asthma!

-Joanne L., Ontario